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Counter Fear With a Positive Outlook

AEWM co-founder David Bach shares reasons (there’s lots of them!) to be hopeful for the future and how to apply a “Work vs. Worry’’ approach.

Let me ask you a question: What’s your mindset right now?

Are you feeling anxious, nervous and uncertain about change? Or, are you leaning toward a hopeful, positive outlook while excited to learn what’s next?

If you’re fearful, it’s totally normal. Even as headlines turned a bit more positive this week, we still face a multitude of unknowns in these unprecedented times.

But those who can adopt an optimistic mindset, and see opportunities where others see disappointment, come out ahead in times like these. How can you make that shift?

In today’s Market Report call, AEWM Chief Investment Officer Tom Siomades speaks with 10-time New York Times bestselling author David Bach, the co-founder of AE Wealth Management. David shares his insights about how to apply a positive outlook to our lives. We discuss:

  • How to apply a “work versus worry’’ approach to all areas of your life
  • Reasons to be hopeful for the future (there are lots of them!)
  • Steps you, and your clients, can take right now to position yourself for success when the economy opens back up.